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Leading Provider

Of Industrial Solutions


Our Aubo Robots are flexible , you can easily fit to any application with no limitation.Your imagination is the limit.

Open the pack ,fit on the base ,add-in gripper, power-up and you are  ready to use..yes it is so easy to set-up with little knowledge.

Any unskilled operator can do the programming by themselves,The instructions tab is displayed ,operator can choose and construct the  program easily in no time.

Aubo robot is collaborative,You can pull the wrist and record the waypoints with little effort.The robot is put into action immediately.

Servo Grippers

Has greater manipulating capability of picking -up  of many different types of Jobs from small to large …Easy seamless integration, just Plug-in..Thanks to the Aubo software . Its  versatile size can be used in Automotive , Logistics, Electronics , Medical instruments etc..

Vision system

Sixth sense Robotics has the experience in integrating the vision system for different brands of vision products. The application ranges from part presence to inspection of products and measurement of products. Aubo Robotics has the necessary plug-in  software to incorporate the vision which you prefer.

Intelligent Flexible  System

Sixth Sense Robotics has developed the Intelligent Flexible System for Grinding , Deburring ,Polishing , Buffing and can be used for any flexible compensating process.The force and torque are set and monitored according to the process.Thanks to the flexible bellows which compensates the movement.we  use a highly sensitive motion controller and feedback system.




Automatic Abrasive Changing system

Sixth Sense Robotics has developed a Automatic Abrasive disc changing system.The worn out abrasive is removed and a new abrasive is fixed automatically as per the programmed frequency.